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Executive Staff

Brewster Kahle, Founder & Digital Librarian, Internet Archive

A passionate advocate for public Internet access and a successful entrepreneur, Brewster Kahle has spent his career intent on a singular focus: providing Universal Access to All Knowledge. He is the founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive, one of the largest libraries in the world. Soon after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied artificial intelligence, Kahle helped found the company Thinking Machines, a parallel supercomputer maker. In 1989, Kahle created the Internet's first publishing system called Wide Area Information Server (WAIS), later selling the company to AOL. In 1996, Kahle co-founded Alexa Internet, which helps catalog the Web, selling it to in 1999. The Internet Archive, which he founded in 1996, now preserves 20 petabytes of data - the books, Web pages, music, television, and software of our cultural heritage, working with more than 400 library and university partners to create a digital library, accessible to all.

Jefferson Bailey Director, Web Archiving Programs

Jefferson joined Internet Archive in Summer 2014. Prior to joining IA, he worked on strategic initiatives, digital preservation, archives, and digital collections at institutions such as Metropolitan New York Library Council, Library of Congress, Brooklyn Public Library, and Frick Art Reference Library and has worked in the archives at NARA, NASA, and Atlantic Records. He has an MLIS in Archival Studies from University of Pittsburgh and a BA in English from Oberlin College. He once flew NASA's Space Shuttle Simulator and caused, according to the flight engineer, "minor landing gear damage." He has deaccessioned all records of this event from his personal archive.

Jacques Cressaty Director of Finance

A long time transplant from France, Jacques joined the Internet Archive in 2001. He brings financial and administrative expertise, as well as a highly developed sense of order, to his position. Jacques is a published and exhibited landscape photographer.

John C. Gonzalez Director of Engineering & Service Availability

John joined the Archive in July of 2014. He has over 30 years of experience in business and technology management including Director of Products at the Xerox Content Management Business Unit, VP of Product Management for Clearstory Systems (WebWare), and VP of Corporate Business Development for Getty Images. John has held positions in product management and business development with Intel, Sequent Computer Systems, In Focus Systems, Now Software, and Extensis. He is currently the Chairman of the San Francisco Children's Creativity Museum. John holds a CS degree from MIT and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Mark Graham Director of the Wayback Machine

Mark Graham has created and managed innovative online products and services since 1984. As Director of the Wayback Machine he is responsible for capturing, preserving and helping people discover and use, more than 1 billion new web captures each week. Mark was most recently Senior Vice President with NBC News where he managed several business units including GardenWeb and Stringwire, a live, mobile, video platform for collaborative citizen reporting. Mark was Senior Vice President of Technology with iVillage, an early Internet company that focused on women and community. He co-founded Rojo Networks, one of the first large-scale feed aggregators and personalized blog readers (sold to sixapart.)

In the early days of the net he managed technology and business development at The WELL and lead their effort to build the first web-based interface for online forums, and also helped bring the pre-web Internet to millions of people by running AOL's Gopher project as part of their Internet Center. He managed technology for the pioneering US-Soviet Sovam Teleport email service and co-founded and managed PeaceNet, one of the first online communities for progressive social change, and later, one of the world first ISPs. He also co-founded the global NGO, Mark's early training and experience with computer-mediated communications was acquired while he served in the US Air Force, spending more than 3 years working at the Air Force Data Services Center at the Pentagon. Mark's nonprofit work includes volunteering with the open education library and as a board member of

Wendy Hanamura Director of Partnerships

Wendy Hanamura joined the Internet Archive in 2014 as the Director of Partnerships. Her first goal is to help build a new institute where brilliant developers can come work with the Archive's big data sets. At the Archive, Wendy hopes to use her storytelling skills to share the remarkable stories locked in its collections. Previously, as Chief Digital Officer of KCETLink and Link TV, the national non-profit media network, Wendy led diverse teams producing television series, apps, a semantic platform for global videos, international film contests and documentaries - all in the service of social change.

Wendy began her career in journalism as a photo editor for Time magazine. She's reported and produced television content around the world for CBS, World Monitor Television, NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation), and PBS. Her favorite project remains Honor Bound: A Personal Journey, the documentary she produced about her father and his storied unit, the Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Wendy graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University where she majored in East Asian Studies and Visual and Environmental Studies; then she studied architecture with Fumihiko Maki at the University of Tokyo. Wendy loves to hike, throw parties and teach art in the San Francisco public schools. She loves paper and books, especially handmade paper from Japan and the ways artists use it.

Roger Macdonald Director, Television Archive

Roger joined the Internet Archive to help create an open digital public library of TV news, providing a means to thoughtfully reflect upon the most pervasive and persuasive medium of our time. Certainly no coincidence that he had spent the previous eleven years helping to manage the nation's largest independent noncommercial TV network, Link TV. Prior to co-founding the network devoted to global news and culture in1999, Roger helped create and manage several other organizations engaged in addressing international challenges, often through media, including the Gorbachev Foundation. His favorite quote: Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. -- Horace Mann, abolitionist; father of U.S. public education; and founder of Antioch College.

Alexis Rossi Director of Media & Access

Alexis has been working with the Internet Archive since our first service, the Wayback Machine, was launched in 2001. She currently manages all media and access for, including audio, movies, books, software, images, mass web crawls, the Wayback Machine and the web site. Her past Internet Archive projects include Open Library and the Open Content Alliance.

Alexis has been working with Internet content since 1996 when she discovered that being picky about words in books (as a cookbook editor) was good training for being picky about data on computers. She spent several years as Managing Editor at ClariNet (the first online news aggregator), worked as the Editorial Director at Alexa Internet, and as Product Manager at Mixercast. Alexis has an MLIS, concentrating on web technologies and interfaces, and enjoys making jewelry, dancing, and baking Cookie Smackdown-winning cookies. You can read her blog at or follow her on twitter.

Board of Directors

Brewster Kahle Board Chair
Founder & Digital Librarian, Internet Archive
Rick Prelinger Board President

Rick Prelinger, an archivist, writer and filmmaker, founded Prelinger Archives, whose collection of 51,000 advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur films was acquired by the Library of Congress in 2002 after 20 years' operation. Rick has partnered with the Internet Archive to make 2,000 films from Prelinger Archives available online for free viewing, downloading and reuse. With the Voyager Company, a pioneer new media publisher, he produced fourteen laserdiscs and CD-ROMs with material from his archives, including "Ephemeral Films," the "Our Secret Century" series and "Call It Home: The House That Private Enterprise Built," a laserdisc on the hostory of suburbia and suburban planning. Rick has taught in the MFA Design program at New York's School of Visual Arts and lectured widely on American cultural and social history and on issues of cultural and intellectual property access. He sits on the National Film Preservation Board as representative of the Association of Moving Image Archivists and is Board President of the Internet Archive and also the San Francisco Cinematheque. His feature-length film "Panorama Ephemera," depicting the conflicted landscapes of 20th-century America, opened in summer 2004. He is co-founder of the Prelinger Library, an appropriation-friendly reference library located in San Francisco.

Kathleen Burch Board Secretary

Kathleen Burch has decades of experience in non-profit management, strategic thinking, and community activation, all to serve her passion and commitment to universal literacy and book publishing.

After studies at Mills College in Oakland in English Literature and and graduate work in the Book Arts department, she founded a type & design studio and collaborated with an independent publishing house, Burning Books, both of which thrived in San Francisco throughout the eighties.

An understanding of the community's needs, along with her value for arts organizations, book arts and social entrepreneuring, drove Burch to go on to co-found the San Francisco Center for the Book in 1996. She now serves as its board vice-chair and on the executive committee in perpetuity. Besides sitting on several other community-based boards, she also chaired the board of Pro Arte Libri, an international arts organization devoted to the art of fine bookmaking.

She has practiced symbolic communication through typographic languages since 1974, publishing the works of big thinkers such as John Cage, Robert Ashley, Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, and her own work on game theory and the culture of card-playing, with recent studies in the Visual Criticism department at California College of Art in San Francisco. Her work with Burning Books was the subject of a retrospective exhibition at Mills College in 1996. She was a Xerox PARC artist-in-residence in 2000.

David Rumsey

David Rumsey is President of Cartography Associates, a digital publishing company based in San Francisco, and Chairman of Luna Imaging, a provider of software for online image collections. Rumsey's collection of historical maps numbers over 150,000 cartographic items and is one of the largest private map collections in the United States. In 2002, he received a Webby Award for Technical Achievement and an Honors Award from the Special Libraries Association for providing free public access to his private map collection at the David Rumsey Map Collection.

Rumsey received his BA and MFA from Yale University where he was a lecturer in art and a founding member of Yale Research Associates in the Arts, a group of artists working with electronic technologies. He serves on the boards of the Long Now Foundation, John Carter Brown Library, Advisory Board to Stanford University Library, and is a trustee of Yale Library Associates and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

Rumsey has lectured widely regarding his online library work, including talks at the Library of Congress, New York Public Library, Digital Library Federation, Stanford University, Harvard University, and at conferences in the U.S., Hong Kong, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany. He has contributed to several publications on cartography and the advent of GIS. In 2005 ESRI Press published his book Cartographica Extraordinaire. Recently, Rumsey has been creating historical map projects both in Google Earth and the virtual world of Second Life.

Digital Libraries Division

Stacy Argondizzo Senior Digitization Manager, East Coast Region

Having been with the Archive since 2007, Stacy was initially responsible for creating and maintaining our first digitization center on the East Coast, within the New York Public Library. In 2008, she opened and remotely managed the digitization center within the Princeton Theological Seminary Library in Princeton, NJ. In 2011, Stacy and her team of employees went on to merge with the Princeton, NJ digitization center due to an unforeseen closure of the NYPL branch, in which they were housed. Most recently, in 2015, Stacy was given the opportunity to manage all digitization operations along the East Coast, including, but not limited to, the Boston Public Library, National Agricultural Library and the Library of Congress digitization centers. Prior to this, Stacy spent fifteen years working alongside reputable corporations within various creative arenas in the fields of production, archiving, photography, printing and rich media for the web. More than five of those years were specifically dedicated to managing content for Getty Images in New York and London.

Chris Booth UK Regional Digitization Manager

After working in advertising print production, Chris graduated with a degree in history and moved into the museum sector. He worked at London's Natural History Museum Library & Archives for over five years, digitizing their special collections for projects like Darwin's Library and the Wallace Correspondence Project. In the middle of this period, he also scanned for the Biodiversity Heritage Library project at the Internet Archive for over a year.

When the UK Medical Heritage Library project came to Internet Archive, Chris was welcomed back on board as a Digitization Manager at the new Euston Scan Center, based at the Wellcome Library. There, they aim to photograph 16 million 19th Century medical images and open up a range of smaller library collections to the world.

In his free time, Chris has explored hundreds of miles of London's footpaths, rivers, and green spaces in a dogged determination to work out how the city fits together and to evangelize the underrated pastime of walking in cities.

Jude Coelho Process Engineering Manager

It has been Jude Coelho's pleasure to work for the Internet Archive since 2008, when he started as a Book Scanner. He is the Process Engineering Manager for the Books Group, working out of Archive headquarters in San Francisco, and, before that, he served as Coordinator for the regional scanning center in Princeton. His duties include designing new processes and software tools to increase efficiency and productivity in the Archive's book scanning operations, supporting these operations with tech support and troubleshooting, and wrangling red rows. Jude, a self-taught programmer and former punk rock musician, currently enjoys comic books to a degree that is probably inappropriate for a man in his thirties. He resides in Petaluma, CA with his wife and three children.

Shelia DeRoche Washington DC Regional Digitization Manager

Shelia has been scanning, cataloging, and / or providing quality assurance with Internet Archive since 2009. An avid reader and librophiliac, she takes great joy in the fascinating books she's able to read and digitize every day at work. Before joining the Archive, Shelia interned at the Louisiana Democratic Party while getting her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from LSU.

Sean Fagan Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Sean graduated from RPI in 2004 with a degree in Product Design. After bouncing around the country in his trusty Mustang "Mac" for 3 years, he ended up in Los Angeles acting in some well known Hollywood productions. Some of the characters in his portfolio include "Audience Member 437" on the second season of "don't forget the lyrics", and "Sleeping Audience Member" on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?". Coming to hate the drudgery of celebrity life, he answered a craigslist ad in 2007 for the position of "book scanner" at the Internet Archive. Now a supervisor at the Physical Archive in Richmond, CA, Sean spends most of his time organizing material for scanning in the San Francisco center as well as the Shenzhen center in China.

Jackie Jay Processing Archivist
Jackie began her adventure at the Archive when she joined the ragtag group of volunteers on a CD digitization project in 2014. In 2015 she was pulled into the vortex of magnetic media, helping to process collections of VHS, Beta, BetaCam-SP, DAT tapes, and audio cassettes as a digitization intern in conjunction with her MLIS program through the University of North Texas. Since October of 2015, Jackie has been working at the Archive (and working around three other internships) on various projects from book scanning to administrative support due to her awesomeness. Currently, Jackie is the Processing Archivist for the Marion Stokes book collection and personal papers, which is an even more interesting story, but we shall save that for another day.
Elizabeth MacLeod Satellite Digitization Services Manager

Elizabeth joined the Internet Archive as a Scribe operator in 2010 at her beloved Wilson Special Collections Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before the IA, Elizabeth had digitized audio and video material for the Southern Folklife Collection of UNC and catalogued specimens at the North Carolina Insect Museum in Raleigh. She currently supports a diverse group of satellite digitization centers--from South Africa to Santa Monica. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and reading under her cat.

Andrea Mills Canadian Regional Digitization Manager

Andrea joined the Archive team at the University of Toronto in the spring of 2006. Over nearly a decade, she has become immersed in all facets of managing digitization projects, with a focus on academic libraries, archives and government partners. As Partner Specialist, Andrea has the pleasure of working with libraries and users around the world, helping to bring collections of material into the public domain, ensuring their organization has the greatest reach.

A meandering educational and professional experience informs Andrea's work; a diploma from George Brown College as a studio goldsmith, and time as a production designer, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Bachelor of Education from York University. Her lifelong love of learning and reading makes for moments caught reading rare books, both physical and digital. In her spare time, Andrea loves to ride her bike up and down mountains, knit for days on end, and feed family and friends from her kitchen.

Jeff Sharpe Senior Digitization Manager, Midwest Region

Jeff's work experience in administration and research led him to the Coordinator position at the digitization center in the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne Indiana. He's proud of his role in assisting to put well over a hundred thousand books online for universal access, including over fifteen thousand items digitized by volunteers at his center. He is a voracious reader, and loves books. He has a love of history and Archaeology and is particularly fascinated with Mayan civilization, and has traveled extensively visiting Mayan ruins. He enjoys among other things bicycle riding, gardening, and hanging out with his wife and two kids, and their two dogs. He has a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University in Bloomington.

Ken Le Tran Systems Administrator

Ken has worked at a number of different large corporations including AMD, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and JDSU. But thoroughly enjoys the challenge of working at the Archive where there is always something new to learn and do every single day!! He enjoys his free time being outdoors and traveling.

Gemma Waterston Batson Global Program Manager

Gemma joined the Archive in 2008, as a scanner at the Natural History Museum in London. She then moved on to become the Satellite Coordinator, where she worked with many of the fascinating libraries and collections we're working with around the world. Currently she's working on the Table Top Scribe, hoping to make the Internet Archive accessible to new institutions and archives globally. As well, she is moving the Digital Libraries division forward in the UK. Gemma was born in the UK, but grew up the fine state of Texas, where she graduated from the University of Texas. She has been back in the UK since '08, and has spent her time there digitizing, meeting amazing people, and perfecting the perfect muffin recipe.

Jessamyn West Community Technology Librarian - Open Library

Coming off of ten years working as Community Manager/Director of Operations for, Jessamyn came to the Internet Archive because she wanted to do more librarianing. She has an MLib. from the University of Washington and has published the book Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide and speaks frequently on fair use and digital inclusion issues. At Open Library she answers email, maintains the FAQ and tries to keep users happy. In her spare time she builds mossariums in Vermont.

Engineering & Petabox

Andy Bezella Senior Systems Administrator

Andy enjoys working and playing with linux (and solaris, too) in environments small and large. He graduated from Carleton College in 1996 with a degree in math, and has lived in or near most of the major metropolises of the upper midwest: Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, umm... Minneapolis again. Andy shares the (stereo?)typical interests of fantasy, sci-fi, and electronic music, but also likes both cats and dogs, t'ai chi and chai tea.

Eric Blossom Senior Engineer, Music & Books

With a passion for books and a commitment to being a beneficial presence on the planet, Eric joined the Archive in January 2016. He's currently the Release Manager for the Archive CD project, working out a path for preserving our musical heritage as recorded on Compact Discs. In a former life, Eric was the founder and architect of the GNU Radio project. He loves reading, the joy of movement, and exploring the world of daily practices..

Hank Bromley Principal Engineer, Cluster Storage and Computation

Hank is enjoying his second helping of computers, having taken refuge in the social sciences and academia for two decades after a stint of AI work (at AT&T; Bell Labs) in the 1980s, and now taking refuge from academia and the social sciences by plunging back into the geek realm. Although the work was fun the first time around, it did nothing to make the world a better place, thus the detour into grad school and faculty life; this time, it's not only fun (and a bit addictive), it's got Purpose. The Archive rocks. Since 2007 Hank has been supporting the books project at various points from book ingest, through processing, to web presentation of the results.

Hank has S.B. degrees from MIT in math and computer science, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is answerable for the books Lisp Lore: A Guide to Programming the Lisp Machine, and Education/Technology/Power: Educational Computing as a Social Practice (co-edited with Michael W. Apple).

Richard Caceres Books Engineer

Richard joined the Internet Archive in January of 2016 as an engineer on the Books team. He is an ace in all things web, including architecture, backend, frontend, and design. Previously, Richard helped build Cargo Collective, consulted for Silicon Valley and Hollywood firms, and co-founded the Wowlist social network. He graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Design and Media Arts. In his free time, he works on side projects, plays jazz piano, and stares at the Pacific Ocean. Check out his website to learn more:

Brenton Cheng Senior Engineer, Open Library & Beyond

Brenton is a technology-wielding explorer, inventor, and systems thinker. Taught to program from birth, he was a freelance software developer for many years, before joining a large media corporation and helping deliver a decade's worth of extremely clever horoscopes to people's inboxes, mobile phones, and websites. For 2 years, he cleared his palate with a live streaming video start-up called Stringwire. And then he joined the Archive. In his spare time, he is an adjunct faculty of the performing arts at University of San Francisco, an iOS developer, a Laban Movement Analyst, a linguaphile, a dad, and a guitarist of absolutely no talent or consequence.

Giovanni Damiola Software Projects Engineer

A transplant from Italy, Giovanni joined the Archive in January 2015 as a full stack engineer for the Digital Libraries Division. He loves books, traveling, photography, freaks and freedom. He believes in the power of imagination to remake the world.

Will Fitzgerald Senior Engineer for Search Applications

Will works on improving search and discovery for patrons of the Archive. He has worked for NASA, Microsoft's Bing search engine, and a number of startups and scientific and educational institutions. Outside of work, Will enjoys singing shape note music and traditional ballads; he also ponders what it means to be an Anabaptist in a high-tech world. You can follow him on Twitter at @willf, look at his Github repositories at willf, read his occasional blog posts and essays at Will.Whim or

Bill Lubanovic Senior Software Engineer

Bill grew up in Pittsburgh and moved to Minnesota to do graduate research in chronobiology. He then followed will-o'-the-wisps into software development. He's worked for startups, including two of his own, and other companies, big and small. He co-authored Linux books for O'Reilly, and wrote one on Python. He started with the Archive in December 2015 to help rewrite the Wayback Machine in Python. Bill lives with his wife and three cats by a frozen lake in the Sangre de Sasquatch mountains of Minnesota.

Benjamin Mandel QA Engineer - Volunteer

Super geek extraordinaire, tech enthusiast and lover of Indian food. For the last 10+ years, Benjamin has been working as a QA engineer with development teams in both Israel and the United States. He studied the history of arts at university, and is now enjoying the good life in the lovely Richmond district of San Francisco, CA.

Ralf Muehlen Cluster Engineer

Ralf develops software to run on the petabox cluster. For many years, he has led the SFLan project, trying to build a fast and free wireless network in San Francisco. Ralf is an avid bicyclist and hiker.

Jim Nelson Cluster Operations Engineer

Prior to joining the Internet Archive, Jim Nelson was lead engineer and Executive Director of the Yorba Foundation, an open-source nonprofit. In the past he's worked at XTree Company, Starlight Networks, and a whole lot of Silicon Valley startups you've probably never heard of. Jim also writes novels and short fiction. You can read more at

Dan Schultz Senior Software Engineer

Dan Schultz (@slifty) is a civic hacker and creative technologist. Specifically he is a Knight News Challenge winner, a recent graduate from the MIT Media Lab, a not-so-recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, and a 2012 Knight-Mozilla Fellow. At the Internet Archive Dan is the project manager and lead developer of the TV Ad Library.

Trevor von Stein Systems Administrator / Archivist

Trevor was drawn to Internet Archive by the warm flickering glow of ephemeral television, specifically the Marion Stokes collection. He also is an experienced systems administrator and hardware technician, but from a monoculture of Apple systems. The curtain has been pulled away and he is now driving linux systems administration and hardware ops. Trevor divides his time between petabox and tv news projects. Outside of the Archive, he enjoys sailing and photography.

Aaron Ximm Senior Engineer

Aaron joined the Archive in 2011, where he aims to assist with the alchemy of converting ephemera into artifacts. As an artist, Aaron is interested in documentation and its possibilities.

Web Archiving Programs

Karl-Rainer Blumenthal Web Archivist, Archive-It

Karl joined the Archive-It team at the Internet Archive in 2015 to help all partners build their collections through application support, testing, training, and documentation. His boundless enthusiasm for all things web archiving developed during his term as a National Digital Stewardship Resident and Archive-It partner with the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC). Originally from Philadelphia, Karl earned his BA in History of Art from Haverford College and his MS in Library and Information Science from Drexel University. He now helps partners to build their web archives with the assistance of his crack team (of housecats) from his new home in Chicago.

Dominic Dela Cruz Web Crawl Engineer

Dominic studied Political Science at the University of California at Riverside because he wanted to figure out why democracies succeed. He still can't tell you why, but he can tell you that restricting access to information is the first step in their failure. Dominic joined the Internet Archive in April 2008. Before that, he worked for the independent online news magazine as a software engineer. The Archive lets him play with his favorite technologies like Gnu/Linux and internet-based applications. He is also a mammal who enjoys running, biking, and reading about the history of science/technology.

Lori Donovan Senior Program Manager, Archive-It

Lori graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a Masters of Science in Information, specializing in Archives and Digital Preservation. She previously studied history and political science at Boise State University. She is very excited to be working at a mission-based organization and helping libraries, archives and other cultural institutions fulfill their own missions by archiving the web. In her spare time, Lori enjoys cooking, running and tv shows on dvd.

Vinay Goel Senior Data Engineer

Vinay joined the Internet Archive's Web Group in 2006. At the Archive, he has run focused crawls, deployed web archive access and index infrastructures and developed automated tools to help improve the quality of web crawls, and to extract and analyze large portions of the Web Archive. He also administers the Web Group's Hadoop cluster and applies big data solutions to gain insights from web scale datasets.

He graduated from Lehigh University with a M.S. in Computer Science. While at Lehigh, he researched techniques to combat web spam, and mobility management schemes in Disruption Tolerant Networking. Outside the office, he enjoys exploring the outdoors and has a thorough love of food, movies and books.

Maria Praetzellis Web Archivist, Partner Services

Maria has an MA in History with a certificate in Archives from NYU and is a Certified Archivist with the Academy of Certified Archivists. In her past positions, she was the Digitization Project Manager at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, where she managed all aspects of a large-scale text digitization project. Prior to this, Maria was Senior Archivist at Rolling Stone magazine, where she managed the digitization of the magazine's back catalog. Maria recently moved back to San Francisco after many years living in NYC. She enjoys exploring the Bay Area, reading, knitting and spending time with friends and family.

Noah Levitt Web Crawl Engineer

Noah joined the Archive in October 2007. He does development and administration mostly around the Archive-It service. Previously he worked at Columbia University on digital library projects. Before that, in 2001, he got his BS in computer engineering from the University of Michigan. Noah is an advocate of all things free and open, including software, information, and society in general.

Jillian Lohndorf Web Archivist

Jillian joined Archive-It in 2016. Previously, she crushed it in the Archives and Special Collections in the depths of DePaul University and Rotary International, and as Web Services Librarian for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Like any true baller, she holds a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As much as she loves the internet, on most weekends you can find her in a tent in the woods, with no wifi to be found, and still crushin it, like a boss.

Adam Miller Senior Crawl Engineer

Adam graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2009 with a Masters of Science in Computer Science. He previously worked at the Washington State Archives' Digital Archives where he worked on developing tools for digital preservation/migration, and web archiving. He joined the Internet Archive's Web group in 2011 to continue developing web archiving tools, and manage large scale focused crawls for the IA and its partners.

Barbara Miller Support Engineer, Archive-It

Barbara began working with the Archive's CiviCRM installation in September 2015 from her home in wonderful Portland, Oregon, a half block from Klickitat Street, and started as a support engineer for Archive-It in March 2016. Her earlier technical adventures include an internship with Mozilla QA and serving as IT coordinator for the Anglo-American College in Prague.

Neil Minton Support Engineer, Archive-It

Neil joined the Internet Archive in July 2015 and is currently providing technical support for Archive-It systems. As a Software Engineer, he is passionate about using technology to produce simple solutions that distill complex problems. Prior to joining the team, he spent over 6 years working for Walmart Stores Inc. in e-commerce as a developer, systems analyst, and technical lead. Neil holds a Bachelors of Web Management and Internet Commerce from Johnson & Wales University. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time exploring the San Francisco Bay Area, tinkering with technology, and building things from a vast collection of spare parts.

Courtney C. Mumma Program Manager, Web Archiving Programs

Courtney joined the Internet Archive in September of 2015 as Program Manager, with a focus on collaborative partnerships, grants management, community development, research initiatives, new services and sustainable innovation in web archives. Her career has been dedicated to building and fortifying the digital cultural heritage preservation sector. Courtney helped to build the Archivematica open source digital preservation system and community. She has worked to advance the field through multiple collaborative efforts, including Artefactual's other open source projects, Access To Memory (AtoM) and Binder, InterPARES, Digital Records Forensics, BitCurator, and 4C. Courtney has also been a regular guest instructor for the MIT Digital Preservation Management Workshop and has taught and lectured in several other cultural heritage venues on topics related to digital preservation and curation. She earned her MAS and MLIS degrees from the University of British Columbia. If you listen to enough of her screencasts, you'll eventually hear her cat Memphis in the background.

Mouse Reeve Web Applications Developer

Mouse has worked at the Internet Archive since 2015. She consumes tea, scones, and punk music, and produces a variety of impractical projects involving coding, language, and books. Prior to working at the Internet Archive, she studied cultural anthropology, worked at a roller rink, and built software for a startup.

Sylvie Rollason-Cass Web Archivist, Partner Services

Sylvie is happy to be supporting Archive-It partner institutions' web archiving programs. She holds a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she focused on Special Collections and Preservation. Before coming to the Internet Archive, she worked as a Graduate Project Assistant in the preservation department of the U of I library and as a library assistant at the Newberry Library in Chicago. In her spare time, Sylvie is learning to play the accordion and enjoys running, singing, and dragon boating.

Collections, Media, and Access

Bob George Curator, Sound Collections

Bob "B." George is the Co-Founder and Director of the ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) in New York City. ARC is the largest independent popular music collection in the world with 2.5 million sound recordings. He: almost graduated from The UofM; lived in India for a year; came to NYC on a scholarship from the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program (Art); founded One Ten Records; released Laurie Anderson's first single, "O'Superman." and was co-director of her early stage shows; produced records; authored Volume, the first comprehensive discographical reference work on Punk and New Wave music; produced an occasional survey of new American music for the BBC, UK, part of "The John Peel Show" (82-85); wrote for a few mags and music editor for Benetton's Colors magazine; and contributed research and audio for a variety of films (including Scorsese's "Goodfellas"). Because he gave all his records to the ARC, and because you gotta collect something, B. collects French pulp paperbacks, fake tomahawks, fabulous pocketknives priced under $2 and modern first editions.

Amir Saber Esfahani Director, Artist in Residency Program

Amir received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a practicing Bay Area artist and educator. Amir's role at the archive is to connect artist with the archives collections and to show what is possible when open access to information meets the arts.

Tracey Jaquith TV Archive Lead; Data Storage and Web Architect

Tracey was a founding coder and the system architect for the Internet Archive in 1996, writing multi-threaded servers and crawlers, as well as parallel processing code. She continued on with the company and Alexa Internet. In 2000, she left for four years to follow her Cornell mentor, Dan Huttenlocher, and was a technical lead and founding engineer at a financial services software startup. She returned to the Internet Archive in October 2004 and is most excited about being at a non-profit and doing digital video. Tracey holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in computer science from Cornell University where she focused on machine vision and robotics.

Outside of work, she has worked on political campaigns and is a road biker, seamstress, video producer, and time-lapse digital photography enthusiast. She adores her longhaired, beautiful, clawed ball of fluff at home and defies her diagnosed cat allergy. Tracey Jaquith @tracey_pooh

Jacob M. Johnson Collections Coordinator

Jake joined the Archive in 2009 as an Americorps VISTA volunteer on the NASA Images project. In 2011 he joined the collections team, and has since then added over 2 million items to the Archive Jake also developed and maintains the Internet Archive Python library and command-line tool He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Jeff Kaplan Collections Manager, User Support, Smoke Tester, Billing Support

Jeff joined the Internet Archive in 2010. Prior to joining the Archive, he worked for as a Creative Director and Senior Designer at several marketing-communication firms in San Francisco. He holds a B.F.A from California College of the Arts. Outside of work, he enjoys playing in local bluegrass bands and surfing along the Northern California coast.

Dimitrios Latsis CLIR-Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for the Visual Sciences

Dimitrios Latsis is film archivist and curator and currently the CLIR-Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Visual Data Curation at the Internet Archive in San Francisco, CA. He received his Ph.D. in Film Studies from the University of Iowa in 2015 and is currently working on a book chronicling the rapport between early cinema and art in the representation of the American landscape. His work in visual culture, film and art history has appeared in numerous journals, including Amerikastudien, Film History, Transatlantica and Third Text. He has been a fellow at the Smithsonian Institution and is the recipient of Domitor's 2015 graduate essay prize. He is currently working on digital archiving, metadata curation and pedagogical opportunities for the Internet Archive's collection of educational films.

John Lekashman Digital Archivist

John Lekashman runs web crawling and other data projects that feed the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. He went to school at MIT, and despite his best efforts, earned a degree and drove to California a week later to build computers in the sun. (stopping off in Denver at Red Rocks for three Grateful Dead shows, of course, which is why it took a week). Prior to his time at the Archive, John ran computer networking and big data storage infrastructure at another fine non-profit, NASA Ames Research Center, for 15 years. He is totally a Grateful Dead enthusiast, enjoys excellent bourbon, and many value his discerning dessert palate.

Kenji Nagahashi Web-Wide Crawl Tech Lead/Web Collections Software Engineer

After working for a Japanese computer company as a researcher for 17 years, Kenji joined the Internet Archive in August 2010 to implement a system archiving everything on the Internet. Being a positively lazy engineer, enthusiastic about making computers work for humans with least effort, he likes mixing tools and programming languages to get things done. Loves handicrafts, cooks pasta and bakes biscotti.

Freddie Patterson Assistant Curator, Sound Collections

Freddie has been in and around music for nearly his entire life. He's been a collector of records since he found a copy of "Louie Louie" in the trash when he was 9. He became obsessed with records and the fine-print on the labels to the point where he soon understood what it meant. In 1975, he and some friends founded the rock 'n' roll fanzine Back Door Man, which initiated a life that took him deep inside the music business. He has been a writer, an impresario, written songs, sang in a band, made records (as an artist and as a producer), managed and road managed, worked in radio and music publishing; and often still works as a club DJ, playing the finest 45s of the sixties. Most of this was accomplished utilizing the name "Phast Phreddie." Indeed, a quick Google search for "Freddie Patterson" leads to 586,000 entries, few of which point to him. However, a "Phast Phreddie" search results in more than 5,000 entrees--all him! Check out his blog where he lists the records he plays at his DJ gigs:

Jason Scott Free-Range Archivist & Software Curator

Jason Scott fills the singularly unique role as the Free-Range Archivist & Software Curator at the Internet Archive. He likes long walks on the beach and exploding paradigms. He is attempting to collect everything, at which point he will retire and make folder tags.

Nancy Watzman Managing Editor, Television Archive

Nancy Watzman manages editorial content and relationships for the Television Archive. She's worked for a number of political watchdog and reform organizations, including the Sunlight Foundation, Every Voice, the Center for Responsive Politics (, and the Center for Public Integrity. Nancy is co-author, with Micah Sifry, of Is That a Politician in Your Pocket? Washington on $2 Million a Day (John Wiley & Sons, 2004). She has also contributed to The Buying of the Congress (Avon Books, 1998), Harper's Magazine, The Nation, The New Republic, and The Washington Monthly. Nancy lives in Denver with her husband and three kids. And if she is in a good mood, it is probably because she managed to get a run in that day.

Administration & Finance

Victor Baltodano Building Engineer

Prior to working at the Internet Archive, Victor started his career in construction and facility maintenance by specializing in plastering, then moved on to work in carpentry for six years. Following this, he went into plumbing for an additional five years, then moved to Hawaii to flip houses. In 2008, he returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to run his own remodeling business before accepting his current position as the Building Engineer for the Internet Archive in 2013.

In his spare time, Victor enjoys supporting his daughter in her many athletic endeavors, traveling, and bantering with other Internet Archive staff.

Chris Butler Office Manager

An unrepentant dilettante, Chris has successfully parlayed his twin degrees in Environmental Science and Film Studies into a near decade of slumming around various non-profits in the SF Bay and Detroit Metro Areas. During that time, he has fought with and cleaned up after little kids, made sure the supply cabinet wasn't out of paperclips, and helped manage high-level legal issues and inquiries from federal and international law enforcement. As a fan of things that are preposterously good, Chris' involvement with the Archive has been a natural fit. The interests of the moment are tai chi, other "internal" martial arts, and pushing the socially-acceptable limits of film snobbery.

Scott Fong Assistant Director of Finance

Scott joined Internet Archive in September of 2015. He comes to the Archive with extensive financial and operational experience in not-for-profit and for-profits organizations, and holds degrees from Golden Gate University and Cornell University. Just prior to starting with the Archive he spent 3 weeks with his family, experiencing and eating up the art, culture, food and history of the UK and France. He has a longstanding love of books, music and technology, and likens the Archive to Isaac Asimov's Encyclopedia Galactica. Scott is active in the community serving on the board of a local foundation, school district committees, and as a volunteer with youth and visitor organizations.

Theresa Zhang Senior Accounting Specialist

Theresa loves to play with numbers and has been providing full-cycle accounting services to various companies for more than ten years. Her accounting expertise helps the problem-soving and decision-making process of the company's financial system, and ensures the accuracy of record-keeping of the accounting system.